Protecting our Four Legged Friends…

There is a bill right now that is in the Minnesota House of Representatives that would help protect pets within Domestic Violence Orders for Protection.

We know that many of our clients don’t come forward for fear of what will happen to their pets. This order would help protect that.

Of 50 shelters surveyed about women and children escaping from domestic violence, 85% said that women in their shelter talked about pet abuse, 63% of children talked about pet abuse, and 83% said that they had observed the coexistence of domestic violence and pet abuse.

Here is a news clip about the bill…

It will be heard in the Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee on Thursday, March 18th!

Please take a moment to call YOUR rep listed below and leave a message with his or her aide that you’d like them to support HF1396 Domestic abuse; courts authorized to include pets and companion animals in protective orders!

Here is a place to find your legislator: