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Find a safe way to use the internet by accessing a safe computer. Even if you take cautionary steps such as using an email that your abuser cannot access or deleting stored information from your web browser, your abuser may be able to see what web sites you have been visiting and emails you have been sending.

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Faribault’s Hope Center is participating in GIVE TO THE MAX DAY! If you would like to donate to the Hope Center please click on the button on the right and follow the directions. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Programs & Services

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More about our services:

Help for Survivors/Victims of Sexual, Domestic Violence and Stalking

  • Our intent is to meet the self-identified needs of survivors, at any and all points in their healing processes, through supportive listening, emotional support, identification of strengths, and resources and expertise offered to victims and their families. HOPE Center advocates provide crisis intervention, support counseling, information about options, help with protection planning, assistance with systems, and referral to other resources for survivors and secondary victims. HOPE Center also provides emergency services, such as transportation to shelters or local safe homes for adults and children who are in immediate danger.
  • More about who we work with: Collaborative Partners
  • Click on these links for more information: Power & Control Wheel, Equality Wheel, What You Should Know, What Is Domestic Abuse?, A Guide for Friends and Family, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, Services for Victims of Sexual Assault.
  • Legal Advocacy
    Advocates provide information about law enforcement and court procedures; information about victim rights and reparations; assistance with court remedies such as Orders for Protection, Harassment Restraining Orders; and accompaniment to civil and criminal court hearings. HOPE Center maintains a close relationship with all law enforcement agencies in Rice County to ensure the needs and rights of survivors are respected.
  • Group Interaction
    HOPE Center provides formal and informal style support groups for adult survivors of sexual and domestic violence. See our Support Groups page for more information.
  • Community and Professional Education
    Free, specialized trainings are provided to employers, professionals, educators, and criminal justice professionals. General presentations about our services and/or the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence are made to church groups, service organizations, and any other interested forums.
  • Systems Change
    With the goal of going beyond individual assistance toward community-wide solutions, HOPE Center regularly networks with such systems as social services, criminal justice agencies, and the medical community, and provides them with screening and assessment tools.
  • Rice County Sexual Assault Multidisciplinary Action Response Team (SMART)
    The SMART of Rice County began in mid-2004, with the mission of creating and implementing an integrated, victim-centered response to sexual assault that is inclusive of all communities and promotes healing, justice and accountability. The Rice County team is the ninth SMART in Minnesota. Five disciplines are required to create a team: law enforcement, medical care, probation, prosecution, and advocacy. Other organizations involved in the response to sexual assault — mental health/counseling, human services, schools, and colleges — are also contributing members of the Rice County SMART. HOPE Center administers the grant with the support and guidance of the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI).
  • Rice County Blueprint for Safety   Rice County adopted The Blueprint for Safety model in 2014 with the mission of implementing an interagency victim-centered response to domestic violence-related crimes. The Rice County Blueprint collaborates with practitioners from thirteen different agencies ranging from the 911 Center through law enforcement agencies, advocacy, attorneys’ offices, probation, and the court. Currently the Blueprint Implementation Team is in the process of writing and implementing Blueprint practices at each agency along the Criminal Justice Process. HOPE Center administers the OJP (Office of Justice Programs) grant as well as houses the Blueprint Coordinator.

Through the generous support of WINGS, our Choose Respect Initiative has been targeting youth to help them understand and recognize the dynamics of healthy relationships. We believe that once youth feel empowered, they will Choose to Give Respect and to Get Respect.

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