HOPE Rides on!

What a great time was had by all last night!!
Thanks to the folks at Harley Davidson and the time and talent of Nick Sinclair and his team and the staff and volunteers at HOPE Center we were able to raise:
It was a great time and we are so grateful for all of the support of those who stopped by and:
* the Northfield News and the Faribault Daily News for their story on this great fundraiser and Nick’s passionhttp://www.faribault.com/news.php?viewStory=97897
* KYMN radio for doing a story with Nick on Art Zany with Paula Granquist: http://kymnradio.net/2010/03/12/artzany-radio-for-the-imagination-nick-sinclair-sinclair-hot-rods/
* Ray Navarro for his donation of Taco Meat
* Faribault Harley Davidson for the great space, their warm and friendly staff and the chance to dream about firing up a Harley someday :).