Support Groups

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Support Groups and Survivor Stories

HOPE Center provides formal and informal style support groups for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.  Please contact us for more information.

The HOPE Center changed my life. They helped me not only legally but also emotionally. When I first came to the HOPE Center I was afraid, I felt very trapped in the situation I was in, and I believed I was worthless. Immediately, I was put at ease when they said they could help me. I finally felt that someone was listening to me. There I met others who had been through or going through the same situation I was.  Finally, I was no longer alone. They helped me to find legal help and even sat with me in the courtroom. They were also more than willing to help my children through this as well.

It was two years ago when I first went to the HOPE Center. Over these few years, they’ve given me the support I needed to get my GED and now I’ve graduated from college.  For the first time in eight years I feel free to make my own choices because I have a choice and my children can be involved in activities like boy scouts and karate because they, too, have a choice.  But most importantly, I can smile because I have a future and we are safe.

The people at HOPE Center worked very hard to give me a life that not only did I dream of but also that was impossible a couple years ago.  The HOPE Center did for me just what its name implies − it gave me hope.

While being in group, I have learned to say “no” to people and stand up for myself and my kids. I am a stronger woman than when I started. I am learning I am an intelligent woman and I don’t have to be intimidated.

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