How to respond

If you are seeking services:

Call our 24 hour line [1.800.607.2330].

If it is an immediate crisis go to the Emergency Room or call 911.

Call HOPE Center to create a safety plan, talk about resources and options available to you, including short-term safehousing.

If you are a friend or family member:

See our How to Help Page, offer to care for her children while she creates a safety plan or accesses resources, get local resources, offer to make phone calls, be willing to drive to access resources, offer to keep a set of keys and copies of other important documents at your house in case she needs to flee rapidly.

If you are an employer:

Offer a quiet location to call HOPE Center from work. Offer your employee time away from work to seek services. This may be the only time it is safe for her to access support. Make sure you have our information in your office and available to staff and supervisors. Call us with any questions or to do a presentation for employees or supervisors.