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Give To The Max

Faribault’s Hope Center is participating in GIVE TO THE MAX DAY! If you would like to donate to the Hope Center please click on the button on the right and follow the directions. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Last minute touch-ups…

Friday was spent putting the last minute touches on the United Way grant application. Then in the evening some of the staff went to the Vagina Monologues, put on by some talented St. Olaf students and a much appreciated fundraiser for the HOPE Center.

Then Saturday afternoon was spent setting up for the HOPE Rides event, this afternoon was spent prepping a presentation for Monday morning and now off to do the last minute touch-ups for HOPE Rides. Between Grant Applications, volunteer training, Sexual Assault Awareness Month prep (SAAM is in April), fundraising and all of our regular stuff, we have been busy here at HOPE!

If YOU aren’t busy tonight come on down! From 6-9 we will be at Harley Davidson in Faribault eating tacos from a bag, looking at great art and chatting about HOPE Center.
See you soon!
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